Samantha Ann

Designer & Artist at thePaperNelly

Hello and welcome to the Paper Nelly.

My name is Samantha and I love painting, drawing and creating gifts. Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE Elephants! such beautiful animals <3

I am also mother of 2 young children, age 5 & 7, who love to draw along with me while I work.

​I began creating gifts for friends and family from a young age but it took me many years to have the courage to make it my work. I am now doing what I love as a business with thePaperNelly and have zero regrets giving it a go! 

I create unique art, limited run prints, handmade gifts, cards and more. Using recycled card and paper, to save trees, sourced locally from a family run business, to reduce the carbon footprint, and eco packaging that can be recycled or composted!

I also take custom orders and make limited run designs that help make gifts unique. 

Helping to make life special while being conscious of our environment.

I love creating personal gifts that make others happy. Happiness is what I work for.

Thank you for visiting thePaperNelly.

Samantha Ann x

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